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Elastic element pressure gauges IN 00.01
Scale ranges of pressure gauges, scale mark spacing and numbering of the scale per EN 837 IN 00.02
Process connection per EN 837 IN 00.03
Instrument mounting Mounting flanges, panel cutouts IN 00.04
Bourdon-kaarellisen painemittarin valinta, asennus, käsittely ja käyttö IN 00.05
Druckmittler und Druckmittlersysteme, Anwendung - Funktionsweise - Bauart IN 00.06
Diaphragm seals and diaphragm seal systems, Application - Functionality - Design IN 00.06
Separadores - Aplicación - Modo de funcionamiento - Diseño IN 00.06
Séparateurs, Application - principe de fonctionnement - versions IN 00.06
Selos diafragma, aplicação - princípio de funcionamento - versões IN 00.06
Mechanical temperature measuring instruments IN 00.07
Conversion Table of commonly used pressure units IN 00.08
Connecting Flanges for Diaphragm Pressure Gauges IN 00.10
Mechanical mounting for WIKA pressure sensors and WIKA pressure switches IN 00.14
Wake frequency calculation IN 00.15
Design of thermowells in special lengths IN 00.16
Operating limits and tolerances of platinum resistance thermometers per DIN EN IEC 60751 IN 00.17
Notes on equipment protection per IEC/EN 60529 and NEMA for Bourdon tube or diaphragm pressure gauges IN 00.18
Functional safety: Safety-relevant temperature measurement per IEC 61508, version 2.2.3 (current version - valid since 2014-08-01) IN 00.19
Temperature sensors, connection designs and thermowells for mechanical and mechatronic expansion thermometers IN 00.20
General information about NACE standards for sour gas applications with WIKA products IN 00.21
Pressure equipment directive 2014/68/EU (PED) in reference to thermowells IN 00.22
Application of thermocouples IN 00.23
WIKA standard documentation IN 00.24
Diaphragm seal systems for vacuum processes IN 00.25
Nozzle designs - location of a support collar IN 00.26
Welding of WIKA sleeves and welding balls in sanitary applications IN 00.28
Callendar-Van Dusen equations for the calibration of platinum resistance thermometers IN 00.29
Calibration of AC resistance thermometry bridges traceable to national standards IN 00.30
Performance of the primary-standard resistance thermometry bridge model CTR9000 (F900) IN 00.31
How to improve the total uncertainty of the calibration with a temperature dry-well calibrator (industrial applications) IN 00.32
Serial numbers on WIKA instruments IN 00.33
Mounting arrangements, instrument hook-ups for the process industry IN 00.34
Make-Break Testing of Gall Resistant Face Seal Fittings IN 00.35
Replacement service for diaphragm seal systems with process transmitters IN 00.37
Fixed-point calibration per ITS-90 IN 00.38
Positive Material Identification test (PMI test) IN 00.39
Hydrogen applications with electronic pressure sensors IN 00.40
Specifications of oil and grease free instruments IN 00.41
Inserts for temperature dry-well calibrators IN 00.42
Hardness testing on thermowells to prove their NACE hardness values IN 00.43
Wear-resistant coatings of thermowells IN 00.44
Switch contacts for pointer instruments IN 00.48
Electrical mounting of pressure sensors and electronic pressure switches IN 00.50
File formats for customer logos on dials IN 00.51
IR++ Comprehensive furnace monitoring IN 00.55
Scale ranges of thermometers, scale spacing and numbering per EN 13190 IN 00.56
Technical cleanliness of pointer measuring instruments of special versions IN 00.58
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