WIKA at the ONS Norway

  • Päiväys: 26 asti 29.8.2024
  • Sijainti: Stavanger, Norja
  • Aukioloajat:
    maanantai, 9:30 asti 17:30
    tiistai, 9:30 asti 17:30
    keskiviikko, 9:30 asti 17:30
    torstai, 9:30 asti 15:00
Löydät meidät hallista 2, Messuosasto 2575, Stavanger Forum
The ONS venue is located only 5 minutes from Stavanger’s city centre, where the ONS Festival is held.

An excellent opportunity to meet our staff and to see the latest products now available, we look forward to welcoming you to our stand.
ONS Norway